Last week Google made an announcement on its official Gmail blog that they are bringing a brand new inbox on desktop and mobile. We receive different kinds of mails on our email address. Some might be important, some might be promotional offers and some might be from Social networks or forums if you are subscribed to. This creates a mess and it happens when you are not able to search for a specific mail. To improve upon this Google had the gmail search bar on the top which worked flawlessly for us. Now adding more features Gmail puts you back in control with simple easy organization labels.


On the desktop, the new inbox groups your incoming mails to different categories and is shown in their respective tabs. So if there are any promotional mails coming to your mailbox, Gmail automatically segregates it for you to promotional category and can be read from the promotional tab there on the inbox.


Similarly on android client, the bottom action bar is wiped out instead we have left navigation drawer with different tabs for different categories with much awaited pull to refresh and obviously the UI/UX enhancements.

The desktop update is already out you just need to ‘Configure Inbox‘ from the gear on the top right corner.

The Gmail android app update have started rolling out few hours ago. The update might not have reached your device yet but it will very soon. It’s the same like the new Play Store update which eventually landed on every updated Android device. If you don’t like waiting and want to try out the refreshed UI/UX now hit the link below. Download the .apk and install as usual make sure you have authorized unknown source application access.

Download Gmail v4.5 Now

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