Box, a cloud storage company has announced that it will be bringing its native app on Windows Phone.  The company also plans on offering 50 gigs of storage for free which seems like a great deal. So far, Box had its native apps on the two big giants, iOS and Android but now it has placed its bet on Windows Phone which seems to be the only viable contender right now against those giants.

The company has also managed to strike a deal with Qualcomm so that on select devices with the chip its app will come pre-loaded.

Box said that it “anticipates strong traction for Windows Phone devices.”

“Windows phone hasn’t shown the traction yet, but we get a lot of customer questions. Windows Phone is definitely No. 3 in terms of questions,” said Self. “And that may indicate potential for the future. We’re investing in Windows 8 too.”

The Box app will use the the live tiles concept in Windows Phone. You can batch upload, share files and pin tiles to the screen.