Nokia had announced in June that they will acquire the technologies, developers and intellectual property from imaging software specialists Scalado and now the deal is finally complete and along with the announcement of the completion of the deal, they have also teased us with new upcoming technology.

Interestingly, this isn’t a real acquisition, we’d rather call it a deal since Nokia is not buying the company  but only its personnel and technology. Either way we are quite excited with what Nokia could bring and with hints of the Lumia PureView coming this fall, we can’t stop getting excited.

Nokia’s vice president of software management, Samuli Hanninen,  said that “imaging is about to go through another major revolution.” and seeing Nokia’s innovation in imaging technologies, we can surely expect that.

We can’t wait to see the combination of the huge sensor used in the 808 PureView along with PureView technology and now add to that impressive software tricks like Scalado Remove and Scalado Rewind and Smart Group Shot from Scalado and Nokia might plan on calling it PureView 2.0!

“We think that imaging is about to go through another major revolution,” he told Conversations.

The staff joining from Scalado will form a new centre for imaging excellence in Lund, Sweden, alongside the clever folk based in Nokia’s Tampere and Espoo imaging teams who came up with PureView. The Lund team will focus on software to complement the existing hardware genius from the Finnish teams.

The expected results are perhaps best expressed as an equation:

PV + SC = PV^2

Though the latest and greatest camera phones might seem like they’re perfect, we really have only just begun.