Need some manipulations with your files in dropbox? The Dropbox Automator is what you were looking for. The recently founded software development firm Wappwolf launched the new web tool ‘DROPBOX AUTOMATOR’ with emphasizes on WEB 2.0. Prior to its web app which offers batch uploading or editing of documents and photos, the ‘dropbox automator’ adds on with a regular monitoring of the folders for changes rather than one-time processing. Once signed in with your dropbox account one can create folders and can perform specific actions based upon the files contained in that folderFor Documents, you can choose from actions like convert to PDF, convert PDF to text, translate, upload to Google Docs and more.
Photos can be uploaded to Facebook, Flickr, rotated, attached with text, a map , have effects applied, and downscaled.

Any file can be emailed, zipped, renamed, FTP’d, encrypted or decrypted, saved to another Dropbox, tweeted or can be set as a Facebook status.

The only drawback is that the results are not immediate. For example, the photo uploading to Facebook and Flickr was successful but it took about 20 minutes. The speed of tasks may vary upon processing speed and the server load. If Internet speed is a concern, then the service is not ideal at-least not in its present form.

Its barely two days and company has been signed up with 1500 new users. With Dropbox’s popularity my guess the company will be out with a lot more till then try it yourself.