People who got themselves an HP Touchpad when there was a super clearance sale had the option of keeping HP’s webOS on their tablets or move themselves to some CyanogenMod. But now the lucky owners of the Touchpad have yet another option thanks to folks over at xda-developers in the form of Arch Linux ARM.Oone of members of the XDA team crimsonredmk has released an alpha release of the quite popular operating system that’s now compatible with the HP Touchpad. It is an alpha release which means there are still some bugs which need to be fixed and some features are yet to be compatible including:

  • The webcam
  • Bluetooth
  • Sound

So, it depends on you, if you think can live without some of the features mentioned above then it is surely worth trying out. You can click the source link below and find all the details regarding the Mod.

Surely the Touchpad is turning out to be a bang for the buck ! Three operating systems already, well worth the $150.