We had heard about the Facebook and Twitter BlackBerry Apps getting an update which would bring BBM connectivity and tight integration between BlackBerry Messenger and apps, but we had no clue when we would get that update. Well, we don’t have to wait any longer, as the updates are now available at BlackBerry Beta Zone after so much waiting. As expected, the updates bring deeper integration of BBM into the apps, but there are plenty of other improvements in the update as well.

Facebook for Blackberry gets the BBM Connected App integration, a new publisher which makes updates more personalized, sharing with BBM connect, improved message notifications, a new type of error message which details the error, and some tweaks in the UI to make the interface inituitive.

Twitter too gets quite some improvements apart from the BBM connect integration. The update brings a new tweet layout, the twitter photo service support, automatic link shortening, promoted tweets, and improved notifications for Wi-Fi only users.

You need to have Beta Zone membership to install these updates since they are still in Beta.