Its been a lot since the tentative ETA was given for an untethered jailbreak for the iPhone 4S and the iPad 2 by infamous hacker pod2g. Everyone is wondering what has happened, where is the jailbreak ? Isn’t it? So here’s some updates on that:

  • First and foremost, the jailbreak has been successfully developed BUT only for developers i.e. in order to jailbreak your device, you would need to have a developer account with apple.
  • Secondly, that jailbreak has not been released for the developers as well, for the simple reason that the team behind it doesn’t want to disclose their ‘secret’. Apple is smart in patching it ASAP.
  • The jailbreak will only be released, when they find a way to make it available for the general public (not just developers), the research is still on at a full pace.
  • The team now includes saurik a.k.a. Jay Freeman as well, the developer of Cydia, regarded highly in the community. The team also includes Musclenerd (iPhone-dev team leader), planetbeing (a legendary hacker of iPhone Linux and previous jailbreaks fame), p0sixninja a.k.a. Joshua Hill (Chronic-dev team leader) and ofcourse pod2g himself.
  • Recently they said there were some Apple Sandbox issues which as per pod2g’s blog have been overcomed by planetbeing with the help of saurik. So now they say that its should be matter of days before the real good news comes.

Lets hope for the best.