Rooting your Android phone generally requires a computer and ADB toolkit with several other steps, which finally allows hacking your Android. The big guide somewhat frightens the users as they are skeptical about damaging their device. An active XDA member and an Android developer, Geohat has developed an easy to install app which he calls as Towelroot. The application is a regular Android app which roots any Android running on kernel older than 3 June 2014.

The app was actually developed for rooting S5 AT&T or Verizon variants, but actually it turned out working successfully on other Androids as well. Users have reported that the app does not work for HTC and Motorola handsets but does work for Chinese handsets including Gionee. Installing and running this app is pretty easy alike installing any other apk. Enable unknown sources from Settings, and download the apk from Then install, run the app and click the button ‘Let it ra1n’ which eventually takes 1 min involving rebooting your handset.


Though this news might have excited you just like we were, but before heading for this we would suggest you to control your adrenaline rush. Rooting your device generally voids your warranty and involves enabling admin access which can hamper some permissions if anything unknown tries to get into your device. It can be scary and a security treat at the same time, unless you don’t know whats happening.

You are on your own from here onwards. If you are interested head to and get going with the other side of the Android world.

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