Telenor and Opera Software, both of the Norwegian based tech firms have extended their successful partnership incorporating better understanding and setting up a new standard for the smartphone network.

From the date of announcement which is 18th June 2014, Telenor-owned operators can adopt for Opera Software products such as Opera WebPass into their offering, which is what the partnership extension agreement states. Opera products such as Opera Max, co-branded Opera Mini Web browser, Opera WebPass will be available for roll out to Telenor subsidiaries globally.

Opera Max is an Android application that guarantees data optimization that actually compress data on all the apps across your mobile device saving you some bucks or enabling you to enjoy more from the same. Opera Max is currently available only in United States, Europe, Russia, Belarus and Ukraine, although the company is testing the app globally.

Opera Web Pass allows telecom operators to offer time based and content based web page access passes just like the Facebook only internet plan. These passes can be purchased and spent only on Opera Mini Web Browser.

This partnership between Telenor and Opera, is a real-world example of Telenor’s initiative “Internet for All”, as well as reflecting Opera Software’s participation with Internet.org, to bring the next billion users accessible and affordable Internet.