Samsung ChatOn

Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd. on April 16, 2014 announced the release of ChatON v3.5 their inhouse built instant messenger client or maybe we call it yet another wannabe WhatsApp killer.

ChatON has been around for a long time on Android, coming pre-installed as a part of the bloatware on Samsung Galaxy devices. This official launch marks the launch of the version 3.5 which has been around for a week on the Google Play Store according to our observations. The application is now available for all the three operating systems including Android, iOS and Windows Phone and even BlackBerry. The new v3.5 packs a lot of new yet interesting features which definitely needs to get enlightened.

The new features included with the update are:

  • Share real-time location for a specific period of time
  • English to any local language real time translation supporting up to 14 Indian languages
  • Sent message recall feature
  • Large file sharing up to 1GB
  • Up to 1001 members in a group chat
  • Manage ChatON and SMS/MMS from the same chat room

ChatOn introduces a nifty feature which kinda have already been implemented with LINE that is the Live Partners where key partners including CriqHQ, Ebay, Mint, Aajtak, Think Digit, amongst others engage the consumer and provide exclusive content, discounts and deals.

Pricing and Availability

The app is available as a free download on Android, iOS, Windows, BlackBerry from their respective app stores and is also available on the web at the url