Truecaller the world’s largest verified mobile phone community added new features to it’s Windows Phone application which makes it more intuitive than ever. The new features introduced by Truecaller includes Name Search and Premium. Through the use of Name Search a Truecaller user can find someone who’s name is known but contact number is not. The Truecaller application searches the user in your social circle outside of your personal network. The contact information of the user found can be displayed only after the request sent is accepted. This visibility control to show your contact details is with the user itself and can be regulated. The Name search feature is included with the free app as well for the premium app user who already have access to all the free app features.

Along with this Truecaller app also introduced various other features available to Premium user which are :

  • Ad Free version of Truecaller
  • Profile Views : Users will be able to see who viewed their profile
  • Monthly Contact Requests : Users will get 30 contact requests at the start of every month, with these they can contact other users by searching their name in the directory