Truecaller Android Wear

As if Android Wear announcement at this year’s Google I/O was less, we now get one more reason to buy the latest Android wearable. The applications in short. Truecaller the platform for a huge community which helps identify spam callers around the globe by using their simple application.

Truecaller has a community of 65 million contributers to its directory which report about 250,000 numbers everyday. More than 5 million calls are blocked in day on average. Truecaller have also partnered with Yelp to get contact information for businessmen to add more accessibility in the application.

“With Truecaller for Android Wear, users will be able to tell right away if the person calling you is a acquaintance, business or scammer, all with a simple glance at your wrist,” Truecaller CEO and Co-Founder Alan Mamedi said. “Now, whether you’re driving in your car, or on a treadmill at the gym, you can easily check who’s calling and dismiss calls without ever breaking a stride or having to pull your phone from your pocket. At Truecaller, we’re committed to pushing our innovation to as many different users and platforms as possible. We’re proud to be one of the first apps to launch on the new line of Android wearables that will help our users improve their lives and the value they get from interacting with their favorite platforms and devices.”

Android wear if you don’t know is the Android platform for wearable device customized for every bit that could be used. The seamless innovation of Android wear with the Android running smart devices can be put to use for some really good use case. Truecaller on Android wear is one such example where the users can look on their wearable to identify the spammers. All they need to do is pair their wearable with their Android smartphone. Truecaller will automatically install on the connected wearable if they have Truecaller app open on their Android phone.