Truecaller the popular search engine for phone numbers has globally announced a revamped version of its dial-pad app, Truedialer. Truecaller had launched its dialer app as a service which binds Truecaller in real time use when dialing a number. The app was launched on Android first for obvious reasons but now have expanded its reach to Windows Phone as well.

As we reported earlier, Truecaller with its 100 million user base is trying to make the service more useful by bringing in intelligent features like Truedialer. With the launch of this new version of Truedialer which we is Truedialer 2.0, Truecaller is now looking to provide its consumers with the best third party dialer app.


Truedialer actually integrates with Truecaller trying to replace the regular calling experience with its intelligent search engine. Truedialer uses the T9 numeric keyboard to search for numbers whether they are in your phonebook or not. Pulling up the information from Truecaller, Truedialer also shows all the relevant information linked to the number and also updates the call logs with the same information.

With great adoption of dual SIM supported handsets, it is necessary for our dialing app to have calling option from two different SIM cards. This was only available in native dialer apps till now until today when Truedialer 2.0 came out with this feature. According to Truecaller,

“In the UK and US, dual SIM devices represent less than 5% of the population; however in large, emerging markets such as India, Indonesia, Nigeria, Russia, Thailand, and the Philippines, up to 40% of new Android users have multi-SIM devices. These percentages are representative of more than 2 billion people.”

Highlighting the changelog for this update:

  • Increased Dual SIM support for more devices
  • Improved functionality and intuitive design
  • Integration with Truecaller for enhanced search and convenience

Truedialer is expected to have its best use case on Android since it is the only mobile operating system accepting this change to its native dialer app. Though this might disturb the equilibrium of how one uses a phone to make calls since it has not been changed like forever now.