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WeChat, a social communication app designed for smartphones, came up with a new version 5.3.1 update for their iOS and Android client. In this update various new features have been introduced like recall, tags for contacts, favorite messages in bulk.

The recall feature as we all have been using in emails, is a very helpful feature to take back what you accidentally sent. Basically we can recall any message sent within the last two minutes instantly like if we sent a message to the wrong person or sent something that we instantly regret sending then we could just recall it by simply holding the message and tap the “Recall” button and it’s like the message was never sent.


The Tag for contacts features enables us to set different tag for contacts Like “Coworker”, “Neighbor” which lets you find contacts quickly and easily. To set a tag go to the “Contacts” tab and select a name > Tap the Settings icon above > Press “Set Remarks and Tags” and insert keywords for the contact in the “Tag” field.
The Favorite Messages in Bulk features lets you save all your favorite messages into one package so you can quickly view them without scouring through the messages individually. Beside these features the update also improves the UI thus making it more clean and easy to use.