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U2opia Mobile has launched an exciting new smartphone app “WOO” that gives users a platform to connect with people of same interests from the same city. This app is specially developed for educated, young and single professionals between the ages of 25-35 years. This app has revolutionized the idea of finding a perfect relationship. Moreover this app is very different from other casual dating apps and matrimonial websites that classify individuals on the basis of religion, complexion, caste and weight. Earlier in August this app was launched in Bangalore and after receiving overwhelming response from its users , the app is now available in Delhi and Mumbai.

The main disadvantage of using any dating website or app is that there are users with multiple profiles and there are many fake users but WOO is different from all these websites, the backend team of U2opia Mobile screens each application before registering and allows only single people to sign up. As a result there are no fake profiles and thus high quality of content is delivered.

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The app also allows the registered users to see mutual friends with someone you love and we can even ask our friend to get the conversation started.

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