With LG showing off their OLED TV in that amazingly thin 4 mm profile while its Korean cousin Samsung showing off its Super OLED TV at CES, we would’ve expected the same from Sony but instead they went their own way with their Crystal LED panels which is very impressive in its own way with its brilliant viewing angles and superb quality but it ignited the rumors that Sony would be abandoning OLED panels altogether for the consumer market. The rumors certainly made sense because Sony last produced a OLED TV in 2010 and that too was later shelved.

But the guys over at The Verge decided to go and ask Sony themselves and this is what they got as reply:

The Crystal LED Display is being showcased at CES as a promising new technology. It w

ill be further developed parallel to OLED technologies for future commercial applications, both consumer and professional.

The statement by Sony certainly means that they haven’t put their back on the OLED panels but they’ll be developing their Crystal LED panels with the OLED ones but we’re still not sure but we hope to see a OLED TV someday by Sony.