Live.meCheetah Mobile the popular utility app maker launched a unique app live broadcasting platform in the country called as The app aims to bring an experience to the Indian users where they can interact with social influence-rs in real-time. app will provide new innovative features of interacting with its users. With interactive stickers and digital gift store for fans to buy gifts for their favorite artist, Cheetah Mobile plans to build a community around it. The app also supports social media integration to allow users to share their broadcasts to their timeline.

For content creators, the app maker hopes to promote artists via live events within the app and on social media. They have specially include keyword filter which can block offensive users with unsavory content.

Cheetah Mobile claims to have the app ranked as top app under social category on Google Play for the US region while its third top on the iOS App Store. Other markets where was launched before India include Japan, Taiwan, Vietnam, Indonesia, and the Middle East.

Features of

  • Real-time interaction with other users
  • Interactive stickers with face-mapping technology
  • Digital gift’s which can be purchased via the app
  • Social media integration
  • Localized content and promotions
  • Sensitive keyword blocking Availability

The live broadcasting app is available on both Android & iOS platforms and can be downloaded from their respective app stores. Below is the link to download.

Google Play Store Download Link

App Store Download Link