Splitwise paytmSplitwise the popular app used for sharing bills finally adds its first payment integration in India with Paytm. Splitwise if you don’t know is an incredible bill sharing app which manages your debts hassle free. Be it on a vacation with friends or apartment sharing Splitwise makes it a breeze to manage expenses.

Splitwise makes it really easy for users in India to settle up with Paytm since India is on its adoption of going cashless. Paytm on the app is only supported when using Indian rupees as the currency exchange in the app. One needs to have the Paytm app installed on his/her phone. If you don’t have the app, you won’t see a “Pay with Paytm” option when you tap “Settle Up”. Only Android users using Splitwise 4.1.9 and above will be able to send Paytm payments using this integration for now. There is no such facility for iOS users coming out soon unless the dev team gets technological challenges sorted.

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