Say hello to the 2012 Macbook Air! Upon searching through the US Patent Offices’ database I discovered this. It was filed for in December and granted only two weeks ago, and no, it’s not the 2011 model as I found all of its patents as well.

Sadly, it doesn’t appear to be the much rumored 15-inch model that’s expected to launch later this year. The striking resemblance to its predecessor can’t be much of a surprise as the latest iPhone and iPad models look pretty much unchanged compared to their predecessors as well, but we all know that it’s the inside that counts.



Ah yes, the insides. Well, the latest model is expected to launch within the next month carrying a ‘Retina’ display, Intel’s latest Ivy Bridge CPU and more. The rumoured 15-inch model is set to compete not only with competitors’ offerings, but with the Macbook Pro 15-inch as well. We’ll keep you updated as new information surfaces.