Google FitGoogle Fit is finally getting a new and massive update after 2 years of break. Google has tied new partnership with the American Heart Association and the World Health Organization. With this, Google announced to redesign the Google Fit with loads of features.

Newly designed UI

As all the apps getting the new update, Google also rolled the new Material Theme for Google Fit app. All the features and UI are redesigned to fit them with Google’s current design language. Surprisingly, it now has the new Google Sans font.

Added Features on Google Fit

  • Gamification Measures – Google introduced the new gamification measures for the users. It helps to motivate users into exercising more often.
  • Move Minutes – The new move minutes awards you points pretty much anytime you move around. It also includes your normal walks in street to walking up stairs.
  • Heart Points – These points are solely related to moderate and high activities. Activities like speed walking, running, kickboxing, biking, or anything else that gets your heart rate up.

Apart from these, the regular tracking features work the same, using your phone or Wear OS watch sensors.

The great thing about this update is it seems to be lined up for the bigger show. As we all know, the new Pixel smartphone will be coming in October. Google is also planning to bring Pixel smartwatches along with it. And the Google Fit app integration with them will be very crucial.

The new Google Fit app is rolling out for both the Android phones and Wear OS devices this week. You can download the new update from the Play Store.

Source – Google Blog