Google’s Digital Wellbeing

Google first showcased the Google’s Digital Wellbeing feature in the Google I/O 2018 Google. But the feature was missing in the most of beta updates they released for the pixel devices. Apart from the Android P name update as Android 9.0 Pie, they finally added the new Google’s Digital Wellbeing feature in the beta update for Pixel.

The beta version of the Google’s Digital Wellbeing feature includes a ‘Dashboard’ that will help you understand your phone usage better. The app tracks usage with timers so that you can limit the usage. They also added a “devices down,” Do Not Disturb mode for preventing interruptions. And a new Wind Down feature for encouraging you to disconnect at night. All these features conceptualize the term what CEO Sundar Pichai calls as JOMO,” which stands for the “joy of missing out”.

Right now the Google’s Digital Wellbeing feature is only available for Pixel phones. Interested users can sign up for the beta from Android Pie Homepage or from the link given below.

Google’s Digital Wellbeing – Pixel Registration

The registration follows up with an invitation mail which you’ll receive within 24 hours. The invitation mail contains the confirmation link. After accepting you’ll see the Google’s Digital Wellbeing feature in your phone’s Settings app.

Users can also download an APK to get the Digital Wellbeing feature on their smartphone. But keep in mind that the features are limited for Pixel devices so you may not get the full features.

Source – Google Blog