Honor Open Source Program

Huawei has introduced an Honor Open source program for developers and custom ROM makers with several packages made open source and easy-to-use. The program aims to provide much-needed kernel sources, application programming interfaces (APIs) and other internal packages. This would allow developers to take advantage of AI capabilities of Huawei’s Kirin processor and it would also help developers to build customs ROM’s for the Honor View 10.

With the release source code, developers will get an understanding about the smartphone AI-technology and how it is implemented in an orderly way. Now, as the API for AI is wide open, it is a big opportunity for developers to learn and build stuff on Android with Hardware-based Artifical Intelligence.

Also, Huawei has promised that it’ll supply 1,000 developers with Honor View 10 units to get popular custom ROM developers on board. Interestingly, Huawei is already in contact with the Paranoid Android and LineageOS teams for building a custom ROM for View 10 and a beta build shall arrive soon.

The Honor Open Source Program for the Honor View 10 is expected to arrive by late January 2018. And, if you are a developer and interested in getting a phone for yourself, you can apply for one here.

“We are opening the AI source and bootloaders for the Honor View 10 to developers to be able to have access not only the AI APIs, but also root and give the opportunity ROMs,” an Honor spokesperson wrote in a post on the XDA Forums. “We want to see what some of you can do by having access to our AI ecosystem.”

Source: XDA