Reliance Jio has announced today that they are bringing native apps for YouTube, Facebook, and WhatsApp to the country’s most popular feature phone, JioPhone. The announcement was made at its 41st Annual General Meeting. All the three apps will be coming to JioPhone and JioPhone 2 from 15th of August.

JioPhone runs on Kai OS, a smarter OS for feature phones. As Google has recently invested in the OS and working with it, to bring Google Apps like Google Assistant, Google Maps, and YouTube. We’ve already seen several reports on this implementation and testing of these apps. And Youtube is the first from them to be rolled over and it’ll be coming from 15th of August.

It good to see social apps here but one major thing to notice here is that, all these apps Facebook, YouTube and Whatsapp are native apps. It’s not the real one we see on the web or the regular smartphone. Reliance also mentions that these apps are compatible with voice commands allowing you to simply talk to the inbuilt virtual assistant for replying, sending text messages, playing videos, and more.

Still, it’s a major achievement for them to be the first to bring social network to feature phones. With over 200 million users, it could be a significant win. However, everything depends on how’ll they provide facilities in the future updates.