Moment Pro Camera
Moment was a small company if we see a couple of years ago but with its improvisation and regular efforts, the company made their name to the top smartphone markets. Most of us have already heard their name from the iPhone but they expanded their portfolio to the high-end smartphones like Galaxy S8 and S9, Note 8, and both Pixel Devices with its Lens.

Now the company is introducing its own Moment Pro Camera app into the Play Store. The new camera app comes with all the customizations and settings which is needed to capture a perfect shot. Users will get all the camera controls on the home itself. The redesigned and simple UI gives a lag-free experience to the users.

All the controls are placed on the small menu placed just above the shutter button. Starting from the Shutter Speed to ISO, EV (exposure value), Manual/Auto Focus, and White Balance, all the DSLR type controls are available to use. Few settings are also placed at the top of the viewfinder. There are buttons to switch the grid overlay, flash mode, delay timer, and a RAW/JPEG toggle. Moment Pro Camera app also has a button to choose Moment Lens option. You’ll get an option to choose between  Wide, Tele, Macro, Superfish and No Lens.

Moment Pro Camera app is similar to other pro camera apps like Filmic Pro or Camera FV-5, but with simple and easy to use UI, this app stands above them. If you’re a budding photographer, you should give a tray and experience its power yourself.

Download Moment Pro Camera App – iOS | Play Store

Source – Android Police