Netflix Smart Download
Netflix is rolling out smart download feature which removes the watched episodes and downloads the next episode automatically. Yes, you heard it correct, Netflix’s Smart Download feature can delete things you’ve watched and can grab the next episode automatically. This feature works only for the TV series for now. The idea behind the Smart Download feature is to make sure you have the next episode of a show you’re watching available to you even when you’re offline. The feature is triggered when you download an episode or two of a TV show that you’re currently watching.

This is the latest addition in the Netflix Download Section after the Downloads, which came in 2016. Although all the content on Netflix isn’t downloadable still Netflix is working on increasing its usability, which is good for the users.

How does Netflix Smart Download feature work?

First of all, you need to enable the Smart Download feature is the settings panel. And the next time you download something, suppose three episodes of any TV series. After watching the first, it automatically removes the first one and downloads the fourth one. So in the end, you’ll still have three unwatched episodes downloaded in your device.

You can also turn off this feature if you don’t want it to interfere with your downloads. Also, this feature only works with the Wi-Fi. So users who watch Netflix over their mobile data won’t be getting any benefits.

Right now, this Smart Download feature is for the Android application only. Netflix will roll out the update for iOS and Web very soon. You can download the Netflix app from the Google Play Store or you can also download it from here.

Source – Netflix