Fire sales with huge price cuts and tablets which are not doing that well have seemed to go very well, after the Touchpad, HTC Flyer and a few more tablets – RIM too cut the prices of their tablet – the PlayBook by almost 50% in the Indian market – for a year ender fire sale. And it seems to have worked very well for them.Economic Times reports that the tablet has been a huge success after the price cut, and is sold out in most stores across the country – RIM is taking advantage of this momentum and plan to extend this offer by another week, it was originally supposed to end with the end of 2011.

It is estimated that RIM sold around 12,000 tablets in these 4 days across the country. For our Indian readers, the prices were as follows

  • 16GB version – Rs 13,490
  • 32GB version – Rs 15,990
  • 64GB version – Rs 24,490

If you want to get one of these, you better be fast – the offer lasts only a week, besides most retailers have run out of stock !