Flyte Music Download Store is a new music store introduced by Flipkart which is India’s leading online retailer which lets you buy songs from various genres and infact most of the popular genres are covered in the store including Bollywood, International Hits, Regional Hits and Bestsellers. The songs are priced starting Rs 6 and you can download your bought song thrice which is strange considering they offer DRM-free tracks. The store right now has millions of songs but Flipkart plans to increase the number in the coming weeks. There’s a very cool option that before you buy a song, you can listen to the 30-second clip of the song to make up your mind and you can buy a single track if you want in case you don’t have to buy the complete album. Its a great option for people wanting to buy songs legally online and with some cool options and decent pricing of the songs, it might well take off nicely.