Yes, our guesses were right and for some, the prayers were answered! Canonical backed Ubuntu finally has its own Smartphone OS. What we see here is no ordinary Galaxy Nexus, its a Nexus running the Ubuntu OS for smartphones. The long awaited mobile OS finally announced today at the official Ubuntu website and boy its a delight! The OS looks very clean which was one of their major things to talk about at the video presentation keynote given by Mark Shuttleworth . For starters, it runs on a native version of Linux that means no UI layering by different manufacturers(for now). The OS just like other mobile systems of the moment features an all gesture control system(yes u can do the comparisons) that means no physical buttons or even on-screen ones.



The “all edge swipe” gesture UI shares much resemblance to Windows 8 by switching between apps by gestures. The Ubuntu app store is in works, which means a different set of apps and a new store . What would drag your attention the most is this line

Introducing the superphone that’s also a full PC

What It really means is though, with a dock connector, a user could use the phone as a full fledged PC powered by the phones CPU itself and all the user data and applications stay intact . That’s something remarkable . You would hear Mark say in the keynote ” We wanted to design a family of interfaces for all of these devices which could be handled by a single device” meaning their interpretation of the “Superphone” which could be your phone as well as your PC and also your HDTV playback device.


We’re told that the Galaxy Nexus-compatible build will be available for download within the next few weeks, and Mark Shuttleworth is optimistic that actual devices will ship sometime in early 2014 , which is quite away from now.