Keyboards on a tablet is nothing new, after all, the original tablets envisioned by Bill Gates were merely laptops with touch displays that could swivel around, and then there’s also Asus’ Transformer line.

RIM has decided to add a Mini Keyboard to its line of official Playbook accessories. The Mini Keyboard is a wireless keyboard powered by Bluetooth with a striking resemblance to the Playbook in terms of design. The Mini Keyboard is in no way a dock, so it will have to be kept charged separately, though RIM claims that it has a month long battery life, not bad.

It will also include a multi-touch, touchpad making it look and feel more like a netbook. The Mini Keyboard is also a case so you’ll be able to both protect and carry around both items at the same time. It’ll start shipping in late March for around U$100 to U$120, stay tuned for more info.