What we see here is a peek of the new Salfish OS from Jolla running on a Nokia N9 (developer-only) device. Jolla maybe a new name to hear even if you are in touch with hot heads of the recent times. Jolla was formed by a group of ex-Nokia employees and a couple of enthusiasts from the MeeGo project which was featured on a nokia device and never saw mainstream success.

The video released by a website shows a basic walkthrough of the OS. It is a linux based OS and promotes usage through gestures and no physical buttons . The back button too is absent and everything works throw swipe and pull gestures. They demonstrated multitasking which without a doubt is┬ástriking┬ásimilar to the new BBOS 10 . The overall feel too seems very much near it along with live tiles and unlock screen “peak”. Thus, the team might have brought out a new product, but much less innovation on their front. It would be interesting to see how many manufacturers take up this OS on their devices in the next year.