RIM ( Research In Motion ) appears to be facing hard times, as these days they have now decreased the prices of their smartphones, following the line of decreased prices of their Playbook tablets which happened a few months back. The company have decreased the prices of some of the major mid-segment smartphones by almost 26% of the previous price.

Not only this, we also witnessed that they Company has improvised its marketing strategy these days with more advertisements and media publishing , along with the 1 year of free BBM service offer on many smartphones. This is sure to attract people for opting BB devices with such moth-watering offers at stake, but still the Android and iOS devices give BB devices a tough competition in the Indian market, as Android and iOS devices have a lot to offer , whether it be in terms of apps or features.

The revised prices of the smartphones are as follows:

  • Curve 8520 – Rs. 8,999 (Earlier Rs. 10,990) Price cut: 18%
  • Curve 9380 – Rs. 16,990 (Earlier Rs. 20,990 Price Cut: 19%
  • Curve 9360 – Rs. 18,990 (Earlier Rs. 19,990) Price Cut: 5%
  • Torch 9860 – Rs. 21,990 (Earlier Rs. 29,990) Price cut: 26%
When the RIM India Managing Director , Sunil Dutt was approached to comment on the revised prices , he commented:
“RIM as a brand has moved from just an enterprise device to as a more consumer device. Be it our services or the product, we have seen a strong uptake by the youth and therefore, to get the devices into more users, we are cutting the prices and this move will help us tap a wider base of the large market that India is.”