Samsung has been messing around for quite some time now, but this time they may just have taken it a step too far.

Bloggers are a community banded together as one, they may get competitive and critical, but they’ll always band together if something goes wrong. Samsung saw it fit to invite some bloggers to IFA in Berlin, Germany to cover the event as part of the Mob!lers programme, but what Clinton Jeff and the others didn’t know was that Samsung was about as evil as they got.

Just before the event they were informed to provide clothing sizes for a ‘closed door event’, uniforms were mentioned and Samsung had other darker motives behind it all. When CJ and the others arrived they were given keys to a Samsung booth and Samsung t-shirts, they were instructed to be ready soon for their uniform fittings. Something was terribly wrong.

They said that they were there to cover the event, not man Samsung’s booths and show people their products. Then they were told that their flights had been cancelled and that they would have to cover their flights back and their stay from that point forward, they were horrified.

Luckily for them, Nokia swooped in and provided them with tickets back home, where they now are.

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In April, RIM invited me to go to BlackBerry 10 Jam Orlando and BlackBerry World Conference, I would get everything paid for by them and they’d cater for my stay. They went out of their ways to send urgent letters for my Visa application and so forth, I ended up not going, but they reassured me that if another such an opportunity ever arrived, I would be on the top of their list.

Their CEO, Thorsten Heins, ensured that I received all the tools, tutorials and my Dev Alpha device so that I could continue my work as a developer. When BB10 Jam Cape Town came, I was sent invitations by 5 different RIM employees from across the world before the event went official.

RIM cared for me, Nokia cared for them. Samsung on the other hand are scumbags. They have no originality, thus they copy Apple and they obviously have no faith in their products if they need to force people to use their products.

CJ and your anonymous friend, we’re behind you!