As we all know, the world’s largest social network, Facebook just filed for an IPO a few days back. Looks like they are more hungry for revenue and will be invading smartphones and tablets with advertisements as per Financial times.

It’s the generation where almost everything is going mobile, just a few days back we had a report saying more people bought smartphones than desktops/laptops last year, I think Facebook has realized this a long time back, they had predicted that there will be a time when smartphones/tablets will be a larger market in the future than their web interface. This is one of the main reasons why they have been introducing Facebook apps for various platforms like iOS and Android, even the mobile web interface is really great. These apps are available for free in any app store.

Personally I am very much against ads, but it would be really interesting how Facebook tries to integrate ads into their smaller interface, now it’s not that hard to put ads on a web interface because of the display size, even in the tablets it would be a cake walk. But when it comes to smartphones, it will be really difficult because the user should not be interfered by these ads, if they get irritated then might uninstall the app or stop using it. Currently it is said that Facebook will introduce separate ads for mobile devices which will concentrate on promotional featured stories in the news feed. But I would really dislike Facebook using my location to show me pop ups of offers, etc. Currently we are unsure of how these ads will look like, but stay tuned as we will be reporting it as soon as we catch a glimpse of these ads on our Facebook apps.