Earlier in the day, Sprint announced an April 12th preorder date for its LG Viper 4G, one if its first LTE devices to enter the market. Sprint is known to be one of the bew that still offer unlimited data on its WiMAX networks, and TechHog noticed that Sprint’s press release contains the phrase “pairing innovative technology with the Sprint 4G LTE network and unlimited data plans, LG Viper 4G LTE…”

This clearly confirms that the unlimited offering trend will probably continue on LTE. After they released their findings, TechHog got a response from Sprint’s PR division confirming that the Viper 4G LTE “will be available on Sprint’s network featuring unlimited data.”

This is extremely good news for heavy data users, however, its yet to be seen whether the LTE will be available in every area once Sprint rolls out its 4G service.