Well , its been almost a week since Apple has set the sale of The New iPad and the New Apple TV and both are lurking along with allegations and problems. As to one side , where The New iPad is facing overheating and WiFi issues , the new Apple TV is facing bad UI remarks.

Though, the new Apple TV may have a 1080p HD support and the same price as the former Apple TV but the UI has all the Apple fans disappointed. Well , this was further confirmed on Twitter by a former Apple employee , Michael Margolis, who was former Senior Software Engineer and Professional Hobbyist for Apple TV, that the present UI being used in the Apple TV was rejected 5 years ago by none another than the legendary Steve Jobs.

There are now questions arising, as to who all are in-charge of the UI design at Apple and are they not testing and seeing the new UI that they pushed to the Apple TV ?? Not just this , there was also a controversy when the name given to the latest iPad was “The New iPad” , rather than iPad3 or iPad 2S. Will the new heads be able to lead the company the way Steve Jobs did ? These questions pose a serious threat to the good-will and reputation of the company and the people in-charge might want to take this all in notice and come up with a better UI design and solutions for all the other allegations being faced.