The brand pages are a recent addition to Twitter which followed the vast redesign of twitter’s webpage and official apps. This new feature gives the companies on Twitter an oppurtunity to feature banner advertisements, “pinned”tweets at the top, and auto-expanding tweets. The idea behind this is to get companies to direct people to their twitter pages instead of their wed addresses,as a twitter address(@companyname) is apparently much easier and shorter to fit in a television commercial rather than “www” or “dot com”.

Only a few selected companies have brand pages on Twitter at the moment, and some of these companies have committed to spend over $2 Million in total advertising which will secure twitter. We will soon see alot more of these pages as twitter is now expanding the brand pages by reaching out to potential advertisers from Feburary 1st, although only companies spending over $25000 can qualify.

Twitter has been trying to find new ways to raise more revenue, but they face a serious competition from facebook. Facebook has abundance of advertisement pages and they seem to have a much stronger impact than simple Twitter pages.

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