Bill Gates unfolded the intimate details of a letter that he wrote to Steve Jobs shortly before the demise of the Apple co-founder in October.
Gates, in his interview with “The Telegraph” revealed that he wrote Steve Jobs a letter , this was the same letter that Jobs kept beside his bed.

“I told Steve about how he should feel great about what he had done and the company he had built,” said Gates. Gates also discussed Job’s children
in the letter.He also overlooked the critical comments made by Steve Jobs in his recent biography, Gates went on to say
“He spent a lot of his time competing with me. There are lots of times when Steve said [critical] things about me. If you took the more harsh examples,
you could get quite a litany.”

Despite the throat cutting competition between the two , they both had immense mutual respect for one another.”We were not at war,” says Gates.

“Competition was always a positive thing.” According to Gates’ wife this mutual respect between them is not brought about in the biography.
Gates talks about Steve Jobs as an ” Incredible Genius” and praised his work on Mac, iphone, ipad. Gates also said “We made great products,
It’s quite an achievement, and we enjoyed each [other’s work].”