Sigma recently announced that its cameras DP1 and DP2 will both be getting the new sensor along with Merrill to the name of its SD1 flagship DSLR to honor the co-creator of the camera’s Foven X3 sensor.In both cameras, the X3 layers three 12.3 megapixel sensors which helps capture red, green, and blue information discretely for every pixel location. The Merril on DP1 comes along with a fixed 19mm f/2.8 lens, and the DP2 on the other hand comes with a 30mm f2/8 lens.

Both cameras fer a new upgraded 3-inch, 920,000 pixel TFT display, with manual focus and VGA movie recording. The
DP2 is expected to be out in the maarket in May or June with DP1 releasing a month or two later.