If you are a user of Apple’s iOS devices, we have a nice treat of history for you. The first ever PC game, DONKEY.BAS written by Bill Gates himself and Neil Konzen  which came pre-installed on several IBM computers in 1981 is now available for Apple iOS devices on the Apple App Store thanks to the  Developers of  XVision who have created the remake of the “great grandma of all racing games” as an homage to the 1981 original.

The controls of the game are somewhat similar to the one used in original, the one-button control to manically change lanes in order to avoid oncoming donkeys. According to XVision fonder, Johny Ixe, the number of new features are added to the game in order to distinguish it from the original but the spirit is intact. Those who looking to get some nostalgia from the past can get the game at $0.99 in the App Store.

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