All Android OEMs face serious competition, but with a takeover from Google ensuring Motorola Mobility a top position, will they be able to cope ? Their financials aren’t looking too good.

In the fourth quarter of 2011 they sold 10,5 Million mobile devices; 5,3 Million of which were smart phones and 200,000 tablets. In the whole of 2011 they sold 42,4 Million mobile devices; including 18,7 Million smart phones and 1 Million tablets. In 2010 they only sold 37,3 Million, so it’s quite an improvement.

Their net revenue in Q4 2011 was U$3,4 Billion; U$2,5 Billion of that was accounted for by the mobile division, up 5% from the same time in 2010. The mobile division’s operating income (of U$72 Million) from Q4 2010 turned into an operating loss (of U$70 Million) in 2011.

Their net revenue for the year was U$13,1 Billion, up 14% from 2010. Their net loss went down (from U$86 Million to U$249 Million) and their total cash and cash equivalents at the end of 2011 was U$3,6 Billion.

Motorola Mobility also gave some new details on Google’s proposed acquisition. In November, stock holders voted in an overwhelming majority for the sale. All that remains is anti-trust authorities’ approval (Turkey and Russia down, US, China, Canada and the EUC to go). If gotten, the deal is expected to be completed by early 2012 for U$12,5 Billion.