The largest Android OEM ended 2011 pretty well, despite giving up its crown as top the top smart phone vendor in the world to Apple Inc, Samsung Electronics’ year end results did not disappoint at all, especially when it came to smart phones.

In Q3 2010 Samsung Electronics sold a record 28 Million smart phones, which they say went up by about 30% in Q4, exact figures weren’t given, but Apple still sold more devices. In Q4 2011 they made U$42,14 Billion in sales with an operating profit of U$4,7 Billion. 40% of their sales and 50% of their operating profit (U$2,3 Billion) were driven by their mobile division.

Their display business’ sales went up 20% to U$7,6 Billion and their semiconductor business raked in roughly U$2 Billion. Samsung say that their figures will continue to increase throughout 2012 driven by the sales of new products including their Smart TVs and upcoming tablets & smart phones.

We’ll continue to bring you updates on all things Samsung including all their latest releases.

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