HTC confirms Windows Phone 8.1 update for HTC 8X


HTC launched two Windows Phone 8 handsets – HTC 8X and HTC 8S last year which were one of the first handsets to run Windows Phone 8. These handsets went dormant after some time of their release, don’t know why but looks like there is still hope.

HTC’s North American product team stated: “we’re working with Microsoft on the Blue update on Windows Phone 8X and will continue to take new products into consideration.” If you have not seen our compiled list of Windows Phone 8.1 anticipated features which was published last week, I strongly suggest you to give it a read. It’s finally filling the gap which have been there like from the beginning but looks like finally Windows Phone is becoming mature.

The Windows Phone 8.1 aka Blue update is rumored for sometime this April and HTC 8X buyers are in luck because the company is working with Microsoft to revive the handset. Unfortunately, there has been no news about HTC 8S and we too doubt about that.

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  1. The Goliath Microsoft seems to have other priorities than smartphones. Why ? Proof ; Poor marketing support campaigns since startup, unresponsible and incorrect comments about upgrading HTC 8X units with software version 8.1, sleepiness about apps developments for access to banking-, airline and other public services. Farewell WINDOWSPHONE dream……..!

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