Mozilla has recently adopted a rapid release cycle for some of their products, such as the popular Firefox browser and the Thunderbird e-mail client and the next big release of Firefox, the Firefox 10 is now out and is now available for download. 

Firefox 10 comes a little more than a month, later, since the last major release.

The latest update brings some extension management improvements, a forward button that hides itself until it has a function, the inclusion of APIs for full-screen web apps, and anti-aliasing for WebGL. It also extension support for Firefox, which allows older add-ons to function on new versions, so users won’t have to wait for weeks before extension developers update their software. There’re also some features that developers might find handy. A feature called Page Inspector allows developers to monitor and examine elements on the page without having to leave the browser.

A new Firefox 10 build for Android is also available. Mozilla has put up an entire list of changes on their web site and has warned of a few issues, which are yet to be addressed so better look out in the source link.