htconequadWhile earlier we covered and gave you some specs and early pictures of HTC’s latest flagship device – the M7 now termed as the HTC One. Very much like its name , when it comes to performance the device smashes all others and leave’s them ashamed. While folks and friends at XDA gave us an early peek on some benchmarks to let us know what to expect from the all new Snapdragon S4 Pro Plus powered CPU to back the expectations.

As shown by Quadrant Standard above, the device sets an all new Benchmark of 12026 and leaves its nearest contender miles behind while scoring 35144 for CPU , 10821 for Memory , 10908 for IO operations , 1006 for 2D and 2253 for 3D.


AnTuTu: 22756 (CPU: 11414, RAM: 4015, GPU: 6420, I/O: 907)

Sunspider-StockhtconeSunspider being a Browser specific benchmark showed the above groundbreaking results. It is no doubt about the device being the fastest and the most impressively built android phone till date , but will it blend ? is the question. We shall keep you updated with device specific news and reviews.