Intel has been really slow to mark it’s presence the mobile device market despite showing off some prototypes at last year’s CES. Well that’s about to change with the word that history will repeat itself with LG again teaming up with Intel to show off Android smartphones running the Medfield chip by Intel.

The two companies had teamed up last year too to produce the LG GW990 running Meego and powered by Intel’s Moorstown chipset but the companies pulled the project back citing reasons as lack of marketability in the device. Well it seems that the companies haven’t lost faith and are true to the idea of an LG Android phone powered by Intel’s Medfield chipset. According to Korean times, the Intel Korea chief has confirmed the news saying “LG Electronics will produce Intel’s first Android smartphones that use Intel’s own mobile platform. The device will be shown at the CES”

LG really seems to strengthen their position in the mobile device market probably due to the contracting computers market and the ever growing mobile device market. The various reports and some leaks on Intel’s Medfield chipset give an impression of something promising coming our way and the Android platform will certainly make their product approachable but we never know, we can’t be certain until we know more and we won’t have to wait too long too as CES is just round the corner. What do you expect from Intel and LG to come up with at CES ?