Way too happy to have your favorite game on your iOS and Android devices ? Well there is more good news for all the Grand Theft Auto lovers out there. The hacker community has discovered that you can mod the iOS and Android game, just like the PC version. In fact, so much so that that GTA III uses the same filestructure as the PC version on it’s Android and iOS version. All you need to do is download a number of existing mods to the directory- Android/Data/com.rockstar.gta3/files/GTA3 on your device’s internal storage, and you are good to enjoy all your favorite PC mods on your phone and tablet. There’s also a “GTA3.set” file that can improve the graphics, and a few DAT files that can be opened in a text editor to change the variables, from the mass and elasticity of a traffic light to the rate-of-fire for each individual weapon.

Here are a few videos which will help you through:




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