A few days ago, a tweet from @ChainfireXDA left the Samsung users running custom ROM’s in search of power confused and worried about the future use of custom ROM’s.

The tweet from @ChainfireXDA went like this –

“Ok its like this: the latest SGS2/ICS leak will disable secure storage if the kernel signature is not Samsung… Do they hate customers?”


This all directs to the fact that the Samsung Galaxy S II still hasn’t gotten the official Android 4.0 ICS ROM yet, which leaves the users disappointed and opting for Custom ROM’s.

First let us understand what this Secure Storage is that we’re talking about here. Secure Stage is the one place where the various apps in the phone store confidential data like Credit Card information, passwords, and encrypted data along with some tokens which are used by the apps for authorization purpose.

Basically, the issue is that if you are running a custom kernel on this phone, the cryptographic signature which comes with the kernel won’t match with the one which Samsung’s ICS ROM is expecting and will disallow you access to the Secure Storage.

Thus, the people who use create and use ROM’s are left with a headache because of this very issue, and they hope that Samsung will remove this in the future. Until then, we have to wait for the official release from Samsung itself.