It was recently revealed that Windows 8 PCs on ARM, which are still being developed, will be shipped at the same time as the X86 and x64 PCs. The new version of Windows will have an inbuilt version of Office 15, which will include Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, and Word. Office 15 is designed keeping touch and power consumption in mind, and the office applications will be desktop ones.

Windows 8 on ARM will have the desktop mode just like its Intel counterpart, thus giving tablet users easy access to windows File Explorer, Internet Explorer 10, and other Windows desktop features. Microsoft wants to ensure that the features of both ARM and Intel PCs remain identical. Despite this Microsoft can’t make up for the fact that ARM PCs will lack desktop apps. Developers will have to create Metro style applications keeping ARM in mind as ARM PCs won’t support existing x86/64 desktop apps.

Microsoft will soon be handing over developers, Windows on ARM hardware, when it makes the next big release for Windows 8 on X86/84.