Apple and Samsung have been at it for a long time; two dogs fighting over one bone. In the latest spat, Apple is trying to get the Samsung Galaxy Nexus banned in the US.

According to Apple it infringes on a major patent, the same one that allowed them to get a ban on HTC. As a precaution though, they brought three more major patents on which they infringe and they’ll only need one to get an injunction. They relate to Siri and it’s search, a new slide-to-unlock function and a word completion patent. There’s a catch though.

The injunction will only apply to devices running on Android without any OEM customization, meaning ‘pure’ Android. Google would be the one to blame and not Samsung. All Samsung will have to do is add some customization and remove the software infringing on Apple’s patents. No end seems to be in sight as Apple continues to sue all major Android OEMs as their ex-CEO and co-founder, the late Steve Jobs promised to do, even if bankrupting the company, which is highly unlikely.