A while ago, GL Benchmark published the first benchmark results for the yet to be unveiled, the mighty Samsung Galaxy S III, on which there was yet no official reports on the what the specs would be as the people in Samsung remained silent on it at the MWC. Well, the results according to the source suggest that, it’s a work of a Samsung employee , who carried these benchmark test.

The spotlight and also the disappointment in the tests is the Display , which is of the resolution 1196×720 , rather being a full 1080p HD , which was expected. The processor is of 1.4GHz but there is no info on the cores, but we hope to expect nothing less than a Quad-Core if Samsung wants to match it’s device aside those of LG and HTC’s. Also , we may expect a button-less design alike the one featured in Galaxy Nexus.

The device is running a 4.0.3 ICS build of Google’s Android. The GPU is the same as is featured in the Galaxy S II . Though there are many speculations as to on what will be the Model Number – a GT-I9300 or a GT-I9500 ?? Also there is a rumor according to the source, that the S III might not feature Android at all , rather Samsung’s own signatured OS. The speculations can only be cleared out once there is an official word by Samsung on it.